Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In a Pickle

Trying to decide what my husband should do with his job is stressful. And it doesn’t help that i haven’t had a cigarette all day.

Yesterday, Stephen’s old boss called him and asked him to come back, same pay. He told him he’d have to think about it and pretty much immediately told his current boss. He got a dollar raise and a promise of a promotion and another dollar raise in 7 months when he’s been there a year. Well, today, Mr. Robert Gordon called Stephen again also offering a thousand dollar sign on bonus if he’d come back.. I’ve yet to hear what my husbands new boss said to that. He took a 4 dollar an hour pay cut when he took this job plus we will have to pay for insurance where as Service King paid for it. But I still can’t let him make a decision without thinking about it.