Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


 My friend Kathy, whom I’ve known since we were 3, invited me to her parents re-wedding. They’ve been married 20 years, which is as long as I’ve been alive.

It was fun going to the re-wedding. Angie and Calvin were more of a second family and I spent all my free time at their house next door, up until I was 7.

They wedding ceremony was okay, Alex wouldn’t sit still and be quiet. (which made Stephen realize we will NEVER become Catholic) Angie looked absolutely gorgeous! As for Calvin.. well I’ll get there.  The reception was great too. Good food, drunk people, dancing, and smoke breaks. What more can you ask for?

Here is my story of knowing Angie and Calvin

When I was 2 years old, my parents moved into my uncles rent house in Tulsa. This house happened to be next door to a young couple with a girl 6 months younger than me. Enter Kathy.

We grew up together, we spent every waking moment together when we weren’t in school. (which i never understood why we didn’t go to the SAME school considering we were in the same grade and lived next door) anyways, I never liked her dad, Calvin. No reason at all, I just didn’t. My mom and Angie both say that i could hear his truck coming a mile away and would run inside and hide when he was coming home from work. I only have a couple memories of being scared of him but both times he was getting ready to mow.

Still to this day I don’t really like him. He weirds me out. He has this way of “looking” at me that is creepy. It’s like one of those nasty, drunk, Mexican men you run into at the fair. My son doesn’t like him either so now I’m not the only one..

Back to the story.  When I was 7 years old, and i still remember EXACTLY what I was doing when I was told, my parents said they were getting a divorce. And while my dad stayed in the house, me and my mom moved to the other side of Tulsa. Not long after that Kathy’s family moved to Bristow, Ok with my aunt and uncle (the same people that we were renting from) and have been there ever since (minus my aunt and uncle). She has lived in Bristow since she was 8 while i moved around about 5 more times. All the while growing farther and farther apart from her. I was jealous of her. I wanted to be her with her family that’s still together. I hated that she moved on so easily while it tore me up and i still do. I want to be her best friend again. I want to see her and talk to her more than twice a month. I want to be more to her than a number in her phone. Or someone she texts randomly when she’s bored. It cant go back to when we were 4 singing Billy Ray in my driveway but I wish it could. Not even because everything was easy and fun, but because I’d have my best friend back. I’ve always considered her my “best friend”, even when we weren’t in close contact. I’ll always see her as that while I’m just her “friend Tiffany”


Ok, I’ve done enough crying in this post. It was supposed to be a joyous post about Angie and Calvin’s wedding.

Congratulations Angie and Calvin,

I love you and WISH you 20 more years.