Saturday, March 21, 2009

This past week

Monday Stephen started his new job. which kind of sucks because he works 10 hour days, so he doesnt get home until 6pm.

My birthday was tuesday. it was alright. my sister-in-law took me to the casino and i got 5 dollars free play and a free tshirt. then i went to his parents and ate cake.

Wednesday i had a stupid doctors appointment to make sure my kidney infection was gone. it is but i had blood in my urine. GREAT! im never well, ive grown to accept it

Thursday was Seths birthday.. 22. damn. ive known him since he was 15. i tried calling him but i should have known not to call him because he rarely answers.

Friday i spend the ENTIRE day in tulsa cause my dad needed something welded for his work. my uncle paid my husband 300 dollars for an 8 hour day. SWEET SHIT!

Todays saturday.. im at my in-laws again, and my mother-in-law is starting to irritate me. my oldest sister-in-law pisses me off and she thinks shes always right. not to mention the BS she puts my niece through. but GOD FORBID anyone say anything about her. i got into a little argument about it this morning. oh fucking well

hopefully tomorrow will start off a better week but i have a feeling its not going to