Monday, February 23, 2009


so scanning and uploading pictures at 2 am is a PAIN IN THE ASS! especially since ive been at it since before 11pm!

this shit WILL get done before noon tomorrow or imma throw the damn scanner out the window. okay, maybe not cause i had to borrow my mother in laws printer cause im cheap and didnt buy one with a scanner. and i REALLY dont wanna have to replace a window. but if its not done, ill OPEN the window and throw something fairly cheap and unimportant out of it! yes i believe thats what ill do. sounds like a good plan.
now if only someone i disliked was outside in front of said window and the cheat unimportant thing was hard... like a rock. or pair of scissors.. or better yet, a bullet. although, and i havent tested this, i dont think throwing a bullet out of a window will hurt anyone. damn.
but back to the subject, THIS IS SUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT. and my back hurts from constantly switching out photos. i think ill only do a few and wait a few days until my back feels better to do the rest.. that ALSO sounds like a good idea. i should stay up late all the time cause i get good ideas when i do. but im REALLY tired the next day
thats the thing about kids. especially mine. they dont care what time you go to bed, they still stick to their schedule.

take for instance last night. alex WOULD NOT for the life of him, me, or anything holy, go to sleep. we put him down at 10 and he didnt go to sleep until 3am.
3AM! and i thought "hey he finally went to sleep. what time is it? 3am?!?! well at least hell sleep in in the morning" well guess what.. HE DIDNT SLEEP IN. the little turd was wide awake and chipper at 830 this morning. but i guess he coulda been wide awake and cranky from only getting 5 1/2 hours sleep. HOLY SHIT, 5 1/2 hours? im fucking tired now. i hadnt realized thats all i had slept.

but i gotta do this shit so imma stop typing and finish these damn pictures so i can sleep.. but ill only get 5 hrs again.. maybe my husband will be nice and let me sleep in tomorrow. ill have to wake him up and ask him when i go to bed. haha